Generator Systems

We have carried out contracts with Aggreko UK Ltd since 2008 in which we have the expertise for carrying out both temporary and permanent installations to commercial & industrial property & we are proud to be an accredited & chosen installer by the worlds leader in the field.

We are qualified specialists on Installing, Testing, Earthing & providing BS7909 certificates in this field.

We are NOEA Accredited (National outdoor events association).

Points to consider when evaluating the need for a standby-Generator

  • How reliable is the mains electrical supply?
  • What is the likely impact of a unexpected power failure
  • Is your business insured for lost production, disrupted production, lost produce and down time?  
  • Would standby generation be a viable alternative?  
  • Do you have critical medical equipment that requires power ?
  • Do you have a sump pump or septic system that requires power?

We can install permanent ATS, AMF, Generator connection sockets/Busbar panels to homes & industry for easy hook-up in the event of power failure.

This is valuable to business of the modern day especially in rural areas where power is less reliable.

Generator Watchkeeping

A helpful service we offer to be onsite with your standby generator to manually switch on investigate issues for critical power.

Temporary Power BS7909 Responsible person for events

All events & temporary installations require a responsible person to look after the system. We offer this service to sites such as music festivals & motoring events at Silverstone  where will will carry out all of the required safety testing, issue the required certification & be onsite for the full event watchkeeping monitoring & checking the system.